Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

We had another fabulous trip to Lake Powell this year. We really missed Kevin and Jessica but all the other kids were able to come and we enjoyed every minute of it. Tyler brought his girlfriend, Tatum and Kylie brought her friend, Sarah. Our weather was perfect, the boats ran well and it was a great trip!

Logan had a great time, but we spent every second following him around. Luckily with so many of us, we succeeded in keeping him safe! Isn't he cute?!
Logan and big sister Amber (aka ~ his 2nd mom)

Logan loved kayak rides and Tyler was happy to paddle him around.

These next few pictures are a little disturbing until you realize that he LOVED it and couldn't wait to get back up and do it again!

Jacob spent most of his time playing with cousins. They swam, dug in the sand, fished, and danced on top of the houseboat. He had a great time, but they spent a lot of time on the other houseboat. He and my nephew Mark competed over this cute little girl's attention the whole week. (She was a cousin of a cousin however, and not their cousin so its okay!)

He did however stop by for a nap once in awhile.
Whitney picks things up quickly. She skis, wakeboards and can do some great tricks on a kneeboard. She's dang cute as well don't you think?

Kylie brought her friend, Sarah this year. We loved her!

Amber, Sarah, and Kylie were brave enough to be pulled on a tube by Bret. I think Kylie and Sarah thought since Bret's wife was on the tube, he'd be nice. They were wrong.

Lindsay got up on skis the very first time she tried when she was only 7 or 8. She stood up and skied for probably 10 minutes her first time. Amazing. This year she learned to slalom ski.

Bret is so much fun to take to the lake! I've never seen anyone wakeboard on a kneeboard before. Apparently it can be done.
If Tyler wants to sit on the couch, Tyler sits on the couch. Oh, and that means whether there is room or not.

Poor Tatum got stuck in between Tyler and Bret on the tube. They tortured her the whole time as they switched places over the top of her and hung off the sides. Made for some interesting pictures but I'll spare you those.

Bret, Amber, Tyler and Tatum took a ride on a 2 person kayak. And they even added Logan to the mix.

Tyler learned the art of an air chair this year.
Chris, Nikki, and Tatum were in 1 person kayaks. Cheryl and I took the 2 person kayak and we headed off for a race accross the lake. Cheryl and I were clearly in the lead when Chris grabbed the back of our kayak and flipped it around turning us backwards. He's obviously not a nice person. Tatum and Nikki said he flipped theirs too, but that can't possibly be true because we didn't win. It's never too early for a Dad to start teaching his son how to drive a boat. I think Logan would even sit on his lap and watch something as boring as golf. They have a great bond.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Lake Powell and Logan looks so cute in all of these pictures!

Bethany said...

Oh, that makes me want to go back. Great pictures, and way to go Lindsay, I have never been brave enough to try the slalom ski.

Nikki said...

Another great year at Powell. Thanks for having us. Now let's get down to business. Where or Where can Linda's pictures be. I want to see! You like poem huh! Don't make me coem and get them! LOL... If I do not talk to you before you leave this week. Have a great trip and call when you get back in.

Brewer's Ink said...

Wow! What a great trip. Looks like everyone had a blast!

Me and Mr. P... said...

Seriously looks so fun! Next summer I want to be adopted so I can come with!! Those kind of memories are so priceless!!!