Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Camping in Oak Creek

Kevin has been wanting to camp in Sedona for quite some time. We were finally able to go over Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast! We wished all our our kids could have been there!

Kylie and Tyler

Kylie and Tyler were married March of 2012. We are so excited to welcome Tyler to the family! We all adore him. They are extremely happy and doing well! Here are some pictures from their wedding.

We will add more when Kylie finally shares her wedding CD with us :)


Once again... updating for my mom :)
However, I will be teaching her how to do this for herself this weekend!

In the last 6 months, we have welcomed 3 grandchildren into the Bennett Bunch.

The first to come was Ethan. He is such a joy! He is the perfect mix of Kevin and Jessica. He is a smiley, crawling, sweet little boy.

The next to come was Ryan. Although this guy had a rough beginning, he is one happy baby! Scott and Lindsay enjoy every day with him!

And finally, Brooklyn. With the two tough boys, Brooklyn has added a sweetness to the trio. Tyler and Tatum have her decked out at all times and she is such an angel to be around!

All three little babies are such a sweet blessing. We can't wait to welcome more into the family!