Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Kylie often goes unnoticed in our family. It has become a HUGE joke. Especially after a trip to Utah a couple years ago. Anyone who knows Grandpa Starkey knows that Grandpa Starkey never forgets anything. We saw him only a couple times a year, yet when we saw him, he would ask about every detail of our lives. We all lined up to give Grandpa our hello hugs. As Kylie approached the front of the line, Grandpa says, "Now who are you?" She smiled and simply said, "Kylie". He responded with the answer that we can forever tease her for. "Well Kylie, I completely forgot about you!"

Anyone who knows Kylie knows that she is an amazing girl. I am so grateful to have her as a sister. She lightens up the mood when something goes terribly wrong. She takes the time to have deep conversations about books, music, and movies with Whitney. She sits down and jokes with Jacob. She plays with Logan outside and in the pool. She gets A's in most every class. And...she does it with a smile.

I feel like I am not even doing this girl justice by the things that I am saying. Just take the time to get to know her, you'll know what I mean.

She wrote my Dad probably the best Father's Day Poem, ever. It is totally Kylie's personality. I envy her for it.

There is no one like our father
Just no one at all
We’re always going to love him
even though he’s not very tall.

He teaches us at an early age
things like what is important in life
Now we know that we should love him
way more than we love his wife.

Maybe our father is perhaps
much alike the weather
always changing and unpredictable
forever and forever

But one thing that our father
does really very well
is always looking out for us kids
as anyone can tell

So if we make you feel down father
if we make you feel mad or blue
please always remember
that we’re just taking after you!


Isn't that the greatest! I love you Kylie!


remi said...

So cute! Kylie, you're adorable. Maybe I should stop hanging out with your mom so much and start getting to know you! :)

Nikki said...

I love the poem. You have such great kiddos.

Janet and Nate said...

I love you Kylie Bennett!!

corbin6 said...

What a great poem! (love the dig at your mom or course) Kylie you are darling! (and thanks for taking the blog back from your mom lindsey)

Lindsay said...

Haha...Mom made her second post right before this :]
Read the comments on the family reunion post. She took a stap at you and Elisha!

Anonymous said...

Even though she gets no notice...
And Grandpa forgets her name...
Kylie really rocks our world...
And plays a mean "Scene It" game!