Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sign Language

Our little man is growing up so fast! As you can tell, he likes his food :]. Well...Mom and I went to the mall to find a homecoming dress. We had him in a mall stroller (which he loved!) and he was SO hungry! Here's a video of him. The first sign he does with his hands (closing his hands and tapping finger tips together) means "more". After Mom gives him more, he is so proud of himself and has to clap!
Warning: I just got this camera so I didn't know how to take the video. So, it's sideways :]


drama mama said...

He is TOO CUTE!! How fun to have a baby around!

Nikki said...

He is so darn cute. I love the sideways video haha

Me and Mr. P... said...

I think what he really wants to say is "give me the dang food!!!!" I love it when babies do sign language with their chubby little finger!