Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pizza Night!

I know, it's a miracle! I'm on top of things! I am actually posting recent pictures :]

Tonight, Grandma and Papa along with Amber and Bret came over for pizza. We each made our own personal pizzas. It was so much fun! We mixed up the dough, rolled it out ourselves, and put the toppings we wanted on it. Unfortunately, I forgot to get the camera out until they were already in the oven. It was an easy, delicious recipe:

Pizza Crust

1 ½ C Warm Water
1 T Yeast
1 T Sugar
1 t Salt
3-4 C Flour
3 T Olive Oil

Let rise for 20 minutes

Bake at 400* for 20 minutes


TheFleshmans said...

Oh I wish I was there...looks delicious!

remi said...

your mom is hot.

drama mama said...

Ooooo....maybe I need to make pizza for dinner tonight! YUM!

Kendon Hatch said...

I made that it was very yummy!

Linda Bennett said...

Hi Kendon! I heard that you made the pizza with no sauce...doesn't sound too yummy to me. But glad you enjoyed it. See you in a few weeks.

Me and Mr. P... said...

Hey I didn't get an invite!! Pizza's my fav! This looks like it was a good time, you can never go wrong with pizza and family!
(we've been missing you miss Linda, we may have to crash preschool one of these days!!)