Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lake Powell

I haven't posted anything in quite some time, and now I am posting like crazy!! Just remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on older posts to see what didn't fit on our page.
Lake Powell was a blast like always! I didn't put any pictures of people wakeboarding or skiing because they are harder to see. However, Jacob got up on skis for his first time, HOORAY!!!
Here are some pictures, ENJOY!

Lindsay and Jacob

Bret and Whitney
Del posing for us

Carol feeding Logan an otter pop

Happy Birthday to BRET!! And we didn't put the USA flag on there to be funny since he's from Mexico, it was the 4th of July :]
Everyone cooling off and ready for lunch!

Uncle Jerry, the Lake Powell KING!
Logan taking his first steps!!! Go Logan, GO!!!

Tyler and Logan
Jacob and Uncle Jerry with the fish Jacob caught

Logan and my mom. His life jacket would push his chubby cheeks up. And once he fell, he couldn't get up!
Kylie on the front of the houseboat on the first day of traveling
Logan being rocked to sleep by his best buddy Del
Dad driving the boat


Nikki said...

I hate that we missed it this year. It looks like a great time and a packed boat.

drama mama said...

You go girl! Look at you, posting away!

I remember WAY back in the day when I was cool and got to go to Lake Powell. That was when Brad was a tiny baby. A LONG time ago.