Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The BEACH!!!

My dad and Logan

Jacob looking out from our hotel room. There was a skate shop right below us. Teenage boys would gather outside on their skateboards. Jacob loved to sit there and watch them do their tricks. He would stay out there as long as we would let him!

Jacob taking a bath to wash away the sand. He found Q-tips and put them in his ears trying to get the sand out! He's a goof!

Whitney and Jacob building away!

My dad and Logan and their afternoon nap

Whitneyloo and Logan too!

Bret and Jacob

Lindsay and Logan. Right before logan picked up 2 handfuls of sand and stuffed it into his mouth :]

Ashley and Jacob building mickey mouse sand castles!

Kevin and Bret

Kylie, Whitney, Lindsay, Logan, and Jacob on the pier for our sunset walk


Nikki said...

Love the beach, and Lindsey Love the short hair