Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The sky is falling!

Kylie had a high school volleyball tournament on Friday and Saturday. Kevin and I went on Saturday morning and then I brought Kevin home during one of her breaks so that he could go to work. When we walked through the door, Jacob met us and informed us that water was dripping from the celing downstairs. We looked at the ceiling and found about 3 spots where water was dripping slowly. I went back to Kylie's tournament while Kevin began the hunt for a leaking pipe somewhere. He called in and let them know he wouldn't be coming to work. He measured it all out so that he would know exactly where to start cutting a hole in the floor upstairs in order to fix the leak. Good news~ it appeared that the exact spot that he would need to cut the hole was in a closet! So he ripped up the carpet and cut out a big square of wood. He got his big flashlight out and looked for a leaky pipe. Nothing. No drips. No leak. Back to square one. He measured again. He had cut the hole in the right place. He looks again. Nothing. He was really confused. And then he noticed empty squirt gun on the kitchen counter. Jacob had been shooting the ceiling with the squirt gun.